Thursday, 3 November 2011

every cloud has a silver lining xxx

you know the saying every cloud has a silver lining...well yesterday every silver lining had a cloud...Dawn was at the shop keeping all things lovely, I was planing a window garden at the fab,new "fast" food venue Marthas, in the beautiful building, the hat box in St.Vincent St...the herbs,rosemary,thyme,sage,lavender & mint all smelt great , the stephanotis were stunning, all was good, bar me, my throat was sore and I was shivering, call me the mistress of misery...anyhow as you must, you get the job done, looked need to go and check it out, food smells real good,all organic and sourced from great scottish suppliers & staff were stop for me was the docs..diagnosis..tonsilitis..must have caught off my wee Rory..

Over to you Dawn & Caroline, thank the Lord for those gals