Friday, 16 December 2011

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY ,has been a long day,starting with a slow drive to the market,cautious at the best of times but what with the snow n 'all, collected my blooms,trees,pinus,cones,moss,lilac......... we had a good day creating enchantment for our customers.knackered I got home & surprise, xmas glossy box had arrived, I love this treat,I really look forward to it as you never know what is coming..every month it's been fab  this is the 5th glossy box, and it's the best yet...check it out for is great xxxx

Hello there lovelees, if you're still tuning in{I know we've not been saying much recently} it's been full on in the shop,as you can see! Michale is putting the last orange slice{only as we can't fit anymore on}this 9metre garland for a rather gorgeous town house....then onto a more retro home we supplied vases and flowers, natural & unfussy{more pics to follow} It's all good , we're busy , Dawn.,Caroline & my good self are all over it...Wishing you happy holidays xxx